About Me

Art has always been a part of my life

I guess you could say it’s innate, I could not escape it, even if I tried. I cannot remember a time I was not creating. I started art classes in elementary school. In high school, I entered competitions,  received several awards and I was chosen to attend Georgia Governor’s Honors Program. Despite this early attraction to art, I felt a strong calling to get my degree in Registered Nursing. I spent eight years practicing pediatric emergency nursing and yet, I felt as though I was neglecting an important part of myself. I yearned for the excitement, fulfillment and joy of creating fine art. Still practicing full time nursing, I started studying under Chris diDomizio. For nearly five years while practicing nursing and embracing many exciting life changes, including getting married, moving and starting our family, I consistently attended diDomizio’s Art Centre learning and refining my skills. Something awakens in me, when holding a pencil or a brush. I love the never-ending challenges of painting. I love telling a story while rendering a likeness.

Other things about me

 Now working as a full time artist, I currently live in Houston, Texas with my husband and daughter.

I am also passionate about traveling, learning about other cultures and humanitarian work.