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You and Me

Painting is a process that begins with you and me. I want to tell a story, echo a moment and capture a message. 

So first, I would like to get to know you, hear your vision and your preferences in terms of medium, style, size and mood. If you’re not sure, that’s OK, we can figure it out together.

My desire is to bring your vision to life, creating a timeless piece that honors the people you cherish.




I prefer to shoot my own images to control the lighting and capture the personality and individual likenesses of my subjects. We can discuss the setting details, location, formality, time of day etc. Typically, a photoshoot takes anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on the location and age of the subject. Approximately 2-4 weeks later, we will look at the edited images and mutually select one that best reflects the portrait you are envisioning. Upon completion of the portrait, photos may be available for a nominal fee. 

 I do understand however, that some clients may desire to use an existing image of a late relative or a child in earlier years. In that case, together we will choose a  mutually agreed upon image. 


Drawing Proof
I complete a finished fine pencil drawing on archival paper that acts as a proof for all my oil paintings. 

We will look at the proof together and discuss any mutually agreed upon adjustments to be made before beginning the final painting.

The standard lead time on a drawing is about 6-12 weeks, but could be longer depending on circumstances and client load. Shorter deadlines may be possible, but may also require an additional charge.

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Final Painting
Depending on the size and complexity of the piece,
 the painting can take several months to complete. 

Toward the end of completion, we will meet and review the painting. If you are not local, I will send you a photograph for a final discussion and review.



For both the paintings and fine pencil drawings,
prices vary according to size, composition and content.

Multiple subjects:  Each additional subject will incur an additional fee.

After we discuss your vision and preferences,
I can give you an accurate price quote. 

At the initial photosetting, 25% of the commissioned portrait payment is due.

Once the proof drawing is approved, a second 25% of the commissioned portrait payment is due. Upon completion of the painting, the remaining balance of the commissioned portrait payment is due. 

Optional purchases: 

- The fine pencil drawing proof. 

- Photos from initial setting may be available for a nominal fee.

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